TOPLINE RENTAL is a full service equipment rental company located in Wallingford, Connecticut. We are looking to earn your business and become a trusted business partner. We serve all of Connecticut and offer same-day delivery to meet your rental needs. Call us today (203)848-8798.

Why rent?

Renting construction equipment allows our customers to take-on complex projects without making a capital investment in equipment and incurring the related maintenance costs that these projects will inevitably require. Renting provides our customers flexibility both in the range of projects they are able to tackle, and financially, allowing our customers to keep more cash in their pockets.

Why rent from us?

Our industry experience allows us to understand the demands of each project and enables us to develop personalized solutions to meet each customer’s needs. We strive to differentiate our business by delivering a superior customer experience through the variety and quality of the equipment we offer. Customers will quickly recognize how easy it is to do business with us and the added-value our experience brings to both the productivity and efficiency of any job. Our focused investment in top-tier brands is intended to meet our customer’s preferences and expectations for reliable, safe, efficient, and high-quality equipment.

Help us make our next big purchase! We are actively working to acquire additional equipment to meet your needs and we want to hear from you, our loyal customers.

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